Ashtanga Yoga: Strength & Mobility 

25+ Hours Teacher Training

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Join renowned teacher Adarsh Williams for his Teacher's Education course bringing together the world's of traditional yoga and functional movement.  

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During this course, you will develop the practical skills to help your students improve their movement patterns and posture.


Yoga Alliance Teachers qualify for 25 hours of Continued Education. ✅

This Course is perfect for those professionals and serious students looking for a systematic approach to mobility.

But, doesn't Yoga already have stretching?

While yoga does require full Range of Motion (and beyond), many students struggle through stiffness with no clear pathway of improvement. Also common is the problem of hypermobility, or “too flexible” wich can lead to instability challenges.

By applying principles of dynamic stability and scientific stretching, our students can see rapid improvement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Body Reading - Learn the 2 Major Posture problems that most people suffer from daily
  • Range Of Motion Assessment - Learn how to measure for normal ROM
  • Mobility - Learn the principles of joint mobility and why it matters
  • Scientific Stretching - AIS & PNF
  • Stability - Principles of Torque for Shoulder & Hip Stability
  • Breathing & Bracing - Bandha from a Functional Point of View
  • Fascia, Self-Myofascia Release, & Recovery

25 + Hours

Over 25 hours of pre-recorded content.

Multiple Downloads

This course features video, text, and photo downloads.

Self-Paced Program

This self-paced program is flexible so you can learn anytime.

Hi, Adarsh here

For 25 years I've been sharing traditional yoga that features a steady dose of meditative and physical practice. And, if you've ever tried Ashtanga, you know that it's simple, but not easy!

That's why I've incorporated my background as manual and movement therapist into my teaching. 

The concept is simple really, apply the best practices of modern performance training with the time-tested methods of yoga. 

This program takes you on an 8 week journey of developing your yoga body. 

Watch as Adarsh gives you a walk through of the course:

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